Laolu Senbanjo’s high energy collaboration with Queen Beyonce in “Lemonade”

Laolu Senbanjo is capturing center stage these days, including a high profile collaboration of his unmistakable body painting style with Beyonce, on her upcoming HBO premier of Lemonade. Senbanjo describes his body painting is part of the sacred art of the Ori; it binds both himself as an artist and the subjects of canvas. “In my language, Yoruba … More Laolu Senbanjo’s high energy collaboration with Queen Beyonce in “Lemonade”

The Weaver

Artist Joshua Mays describes this beautiful painting as “Advance possibility through advanced perspective.” I was immediately drawn to the painting, of course, because of its title.  It has a feeling and an energy that expresses something of what I experience as a Kente weaver, which ties into the idea of the African Creation myth of … More The Weaver

Kente: Not just any cloth   By JESSICA ACHBERGER Kente cloth is deeply intertwined with the history of the Ashanti nation.  The Ashanti Empire or Confederacy, which was located in what is today Ghana, first emerged in West Africa during the seventeenth century.  The Ashanti are members of the Akan people who speak the Akan or Ashanti dialect.  The word … More Kente: Not just any cloth