Kente cloth is more than just a beautiful, colorful fabric – each Kente cloth is imbued with spiritual meaning and symbolism that is an intentional expression of the weaver himself. Kwasi Asare not only teaches the technically exacting and detailed process of weaving Kente, he teaches the rich African cultural history and philosophy behind the creative process, and the context of what it means to be weaver.

Kwasi has also created his own special small-sized hand looms that are ideal for empowering students to make their own Kente cloth creations, in their own homes or at school.  Kwasi hopes that each student – whatever their age or background – will take away an appreciation for elegant beauty and truth of Kente weaving, its spiritual symbolism and meaning with every piece of art they create.  ASE…

Kwasi Asare’s Kente Shawls

Through our online store we sell custom Kente cloths that can be used as shawls, decorations and wall hangings or as prints for shirts, vests and other kinds of clothing, as well as custom creations. Please contact us to discuss placing your own special order.  Below are Kwasi’s beautiful Kente blanket shawls – we welcome inquiries from interested potential buyers. Each shawl has its own symbolism and meaning, and are available for $80.  The “Fatiah Fatah Nkrumah” is a special Kente cloth and is available for $120.  Please contact Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 and/or email him at to indicate the specific Kente cloth shawl you wish to order.

Kwasi Asare's Kente shawls
Kwasi Asare’s Kente shawls
Fatiah Fatah Nkrumah Kente shawl
Fatiah Fatah Nkrumah shawl

Kwasi Asare’s African Kente Shirts

Kwasi Asare has created a line of African Kente Shirts that can be worn by both men and women. Kwasi edding reception or a night out on the town. When you’re wearing Kente – particularly Kwasi Asare’s Kente designs – you’re wearing Africa’s finest cloth.  African Kente Shirts are available for $180; please call Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 and/or email him at about styles and inventory.

African Kente Shirts
African Kente Shirts

Kwasi Asare’s Special Kente Hand Looms

Kwasi Asare has created his own special small-sized looms to make it possible for virtually anyone to make their own Kente cloth artistic creations. The hand looms are available for $80.00. If you are participating in one of Kwasi’s online classes or workshops, or live classes, please contact Kwasi directly to purchase your small hand loom, or click on the PayPal link below. You can call Kwasi at (202) 569-5153 or email him at


“Kwasi and the Kente Colours” Children’s Book

We have a wonderful children’s book (adults can enjoy it, too!) that is an enchanting story about a young child who grows up learning the craft of Kente weaving in the traditional cultural setting of a rural African village. Kwasi and the Kente Colours is a stunning piece of artwork in itself, beautifully written and illustrated by Kwasi Asare and Jeff Smith. It is great book for a classroom, as it captures a child’s imagination with lovely scenes from Africa and the colorful art form of Kente weaving. It is also a charming book for a home library. Kwasi and the Kente Colours is not the autobiographical story about Kwasi Asare; however, the book is loosely based on some of Kwasi Asare’s perspectives and experiences growing up in Ghana. It is a children’s story with a universal appeal, as it weaves personal lessons about values and morals into the broader theme of Kente cultural traditions and the symbolism and meaning that are expressed in Kente designs. Kwasi and the Kente Colours by Kwasi Asare and Jeff Smith is available for $15.00. Order by clicking on the PayPal button below.

Kwasi Book 1A
Kwasi Book 2A
Kwasi Book 3A
Kwasi Book 4A

Kente Bookmarks

Kente cloth bookmarks are a fantastic gift for only $5.00. It is hard to find something so simple and yet so elegant, with inherent spiritual meaning and symbolism.  Each bookmark comes with a short description of the symbolism and meaning behind various Kente colors and designs.



Kente Cloth Bookmarks
Kente Cloth Bookmarks

Kwasi Asare has recently created a series of special KENTE CLOTH BOW TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These authentic Kente weave bow ties add a touch of style and beauty – and a splash of color – to any dress shirt. Just one authentic Kente bow tie can make each of your dress shirts look spectacular; two or more bow ties can transform your entire wardrobe! Kwasi’s Kente cloth bow ties are perfect for dinner at an elegant restaurant, a night at a jazz club, or a graduation ceremony or any kind informal or formal occasion. At $25 each, these bow ties also make wonderful Father’s Day gifts! Get a splash of African regal colors today – contact Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 or email him at kwasister@ to make your order.