Kwasi Asare’s Online Kente Weaving Course

Kwasi Asare, a master Kente weaver from Ghana in the Ashanti tradition, created the WORLD’S FIRST ONLINE KENTE WEAVING COURSE, using a special small loom he personally designed. This course is a wonderful firsthand introduction to Kente for individuals, school, churches and community groups.

In November 2020 Kwasi Asare created the WORLD’S FIRST ONLINE KENTE WEAVING COURSE. As the world had gone into quarantine to try to contain the COVID-19 virus, Kwasi channeled his energy and focus inward as he wanted to create new opportunities for people all over the world to learn the basics of Kente weaving with his own specially designed small loom. The result was an online format class that empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to watch their own Kente cloth creations to come to life by their own work on a small loom. This online course is a wonderful opportunity for individuals as well as schools, churches and community organizations to have firsthand experience and introduction to Kente.

Kwasi originally collaborated with CourseCraft as an online platform to host his Kente weaving course, but unfortunately, CourseCraft shut down its website portal in April 2022. After exploring various alternatives, Kwasi decided to reorganize his materials and he is now distributing the course directly through DVDs. Through this series users get their own small loom with a started pack of colorful threads and a series of 7 videos that teach various aspects of Kente weaving. In Kwasi’s course you will learn:

Lesson 1 Parts of the Loom and Creating the Warp

Lesson 2 Plain Weaving

Lesson 3 Double Shuttle Design

Lesson 4 Steps Design (Obi nkye obi kwan mu si)

Lesson 5 Mixed Colors Design

Lesson 6 Removing Your Work from the Loom

Lesson 7 Cross Design using 3 Shuttles

The cost for the DVD course is $25, with an additional $80 for the loom, for a total of $105. This also includes a started package of colored threads that you will use to begin weaving. Kwasi also provides personal online Zoom or Facetime support as needed, to help you get started or answer questions. Kwasi structured his course to make it affordable for everyone, as he has wanted to share Kente with as many people as possible. The course fees are one-time costs; once you buy the course and the small loom and the DVDs are yours to use for as many times as you want. Replacement threads can easily be bought at any local Walmart, Michael’s or a fabric store. Once you purchase the course, the DVDs, small loom and starter pack will be mailed to you directly by Kwasi Asare.

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