“Quality” Fuse ODG, Kente and the beauty of an African woman

“Quality” by Fuse ODG

This dope video by Fuse ODG – Ghanaian artist and musician Nana Richard Abiona – is a great example of the fantastic new possibilities that are evolving in artistic expression with Kente cloth. As you can see, all the lovely models in this music video are wearing Kente – the look is defining and absolutely unmistakable. The message behind the lyrics and aesthetics is about the idea of “Quality” and being a regal African queen: proud, enchanting and elegant woman in the full expression of her beauty. Kente is instantly recognizable as an artform associated with royalty and Africa. Along with the patterns being so recognizable and identifiable, the women here are being boldly, beautifully, unapologetically African in their melanin, curves and body movement.

The current trends in African art and aesthetics are moving toward many dynamic and seemingly endless creative expressions and uses of Kente cloth. Regardless of how Kente may be designed, fashioned or tailored, the essence and associations of Kente have become deeply engrained in the world’s consciousness. It is exciting to live in a time where Kente can be interpreted and integrated with so many forms of African expression. This is part of the ideal that Cheik Anta Diop referred to as a modern day “African Renaissance.” In this way Kente is becoming more universal, rather than just part of Ghana and the Ashanti culture and tradition.

This is one of the reasons why we encourage people of all ages to experience our workshops – there can be a deep sense of satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment when you learn the essence of Kente. That experience is personal and also profoundly valuable in a broader sense as Kente grows in international appeal and appreciation. Understanding the symbolism of the colors and their meaning is part of the experience.

Through our workshops you can find your own way of connecting with Kente. If you have a school, church, organization or community group – or even a group of friends – that would enjoy this unique experience, please contact us! Kente can be appreciated by anyone and everyone. You can send us a message through this web site or you can call Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153.

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