Kente Underwear – Someone had to do it!

It was bound to happen – eventually someone was going to do it… Now – just before for the 2021 holiday season, Champ Boxers has produced a line of Kente cloth underpants!!! lol

It appears that these “Motherland Edition” briefs have Kente cloth patterns in bold colors that are intended to make men feel a deep inner connection to Africa! lol They are quite handsome – but these underpants seem to be a far cry from the traditional regal elegance that Kente cloth has represented historically in Africa. But hey, things inevitably evolve and change and life is free state of mind. I’m pretty sure that Kente panties and thongs are going to make their appearance soon, so I just laugh at some of the ideas people come up with!!!

I don’t know who created this, but I found it online. Kente inspires all kinds of people! lmao

People all over Africa and the world LOVE Kente cloth. It’s a HUGE hit in popular culture, especially in the United States and the African Diaspora. I don’t want to begrudge anyone’s love of Kente clothing and adornment. Kente patterns have become universally identified with Africa and they are easy to place into cotton prints, logos, fonts and graphics. So let us all celebrate Africa, the Motherland and our people and cultures with Kente!

* * *

But hey, let’s get REAL about this…

If you want to get into the holiday spirit with a wonderfully AUTHENTIC Christmas or Kwanzaa gift, try my beautiful Kente bow ties!!! These bow ties will help you look your best and will add a touch of style and class to any of your holiday events. This is the perfect time of the year to upgrade your wardrobe and style with Kente bow ties or to give Kente bow ties to a friend, family member or loved one.

DON’T settle for cheap dyed or cloth print imitations of Kente!!! Imitation fabric prints are a dime a dozen and are usually made in China. AUTHENTIC Kente is woven through an intricate process and has a look and feel unlike any other kind of fabric. All of my bow ties come from Kente mills in Ghana or my personal loom – and at $25 these hand-made Kente bow ties make perfect Christmas and Kwanzaa gifts!!!

Get a splash of regal African colors today – contact Kwasi at (202) 569-5153 or email me at to make your order.

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