Kente Cloth Bow Ties for Holiday Celebrations!

Hey friends – November is a time of many holiday celebrations. Early in the month there was Diwali, All Saints Day and Dia de Los Muertos; in a couple of weeks we will have Thanksgiving and the end of the year holiday season. Look your best and add a touch of style and class to any of your holiday events by wearing one of Kwasi’s beautiful, authentic Kente cloth bow ties! Kwasi Asare’s bow ties are perfect for dinner at an elegant restaurant, a night at a jazz club or a special holiday celebration with family and friends. This is the perfect time of the year to step up your game and upgrade your wardrobe and style. At $25 each, these Kente cloth bow ties also make excellent Christmas and Kwanzaa gifts!

DON’T settle for cheap dyed or cloth print imitations of Kente!!! Common imitation fabric prints are a dime a dozen and are often made in China. Authentic Kente cloth is woven through an intricate process involving high quality, colorful fiber threads and has a unique look and feel unlike any other kind of cloth or fabric. Kwasi’s bow ties – and all of his Kente cloths – come directly from his Kente mills in Ghana or from his personal loom.

Get a splash of Africa regal colors today – contact Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 or email him at to make your order.

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