Kente Cloth Workshops at the Adrinka Studio, Mount Rainier, Maryland

Kwasi Asare Kente Workhop 8-25-19

Hello Friends – We just want to remind everyone that Kwasi is holding a series of workshops at the Adrinka Studio in Mount Rainer, Maryland at the end of August, including both this weekend  (Saturday and Sunday August 24th and 25th) and Labor Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday August 31st and September 1st). Kwasi Asare’s Kente workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience! In these Kente workshops you learn about the history, tradition and legacy of Africa’s most well-known and beloved fabric. Kente is imbued with spirituality and symbolic meanings in its colorful designs and beautiful mathematical patterns, which is why Kente cloth is so intriguing to so many people. In these workshops the hands-on experience of working with Kente cloth becomes a gentle process of creative meditation. Designing and creating your own Kente is a beautiful way to de-stress from society’s emotional tension and get in touch with your inner imagination. Best of all – in Kwasi’s workshop you create your OWN Kente cloth, which becomes a reflection of your heart and mind and personally meaningful.

Cost for Kente Cloth Workshop at the Adrinka Studio is just $30. Temporary Kente looms will be provided for everyone participating in the workshop; participants also have the option of purchasing their own personal Kente cloth loom for an additional $50.00.

To register for Kwasi Asare’s Kente Cloth Workshop at the Adrinka Studio, please leave your name and email address and a message confirming your participation in the boxes below. Payment will be processed on the day of the workshop. The Adrinka Studio is located at 3804 34th Street in Mount Rainier, Maryland.

For more information contact Kwasi at 202-569-5153. We look forward to seeing you!

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