Kwasi Asare’s New Authentic Kente Cloth Bow Ties are Now Available!!!!!!!!

There’s nothing like the feel and look of authentic Kente cloth – and now Kwasi Asare has created a new line of special KENTE CLOTH BOW TIES!!!!!!!!!!

These authentic Kente weave bow ties add a touch of style and beauty – and a splash of color – to any dress shirt. Just one authentic Kente bow tie can make each of your dress shirts look spectacular; two or more bow ties can transform your entire wardrobe! Kwasi’s Kente cloth bow ties are perfect for dinner at an elegant restaurant, a night at a jazz club, a graduation ceremony or any kind of informal or formal occasion. At $25 each, these bow ties also make wonderful Father’s Day or Juneteenth gifts!

DON’T settle for cheap dyed or cloth print imitations of Kente!!! These imitation fabric prints are a dime a dozen and are often made in China. Authentic Kente cloth is woven through an intricate process involving high quality, colorful fiber threads and has a look and feel unlike any other kind of cloth or fabric. Kwasi’s bow ties – and all of his Kente cloths – come directly from his Kente mills in Ghana or his personal loom.

Get a splash of African regal colors today – contact Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 or email him at to make your order.

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