Vice President Kamala Harris visits Africa and Ghana

Once again, we are seeing the cultural influence of Kente cloth with politicians, in the national news. During their recent visit to Ghana, a lot of people got a big kick out of watching Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff wrapped in a full Kente robe, while Vice President Kamala Harris draped a much smaller Kente cloth over her otherwise nondescript pant suit! Harris made a week long diplomatic tour of Africa, visiting Tanzania, Ghana and Zambia. In Ghana, the Vice President broke down in tears after visiting the Cape Coast Castle, which held captive slaves before they were taken in ships on the Middle Passage to the Caribbean and the Americas. Vice President Harris’ visit was even more poignant because of recent efforts in the United States to deny and restrict education regarding slavery and African American history. For everyone who visits the Cape Coast Castle – where the stench of rotting flesh still remains after hundreds of years – the history of enslaved Africans becomes visceral.

Ghana has taken a leadership role in healing the history of the enslavement of Africans and building relations between the Motherland and the Africa Diaspora. Ghana declared 2019 the “Year of Return” and developed incentives for African Americans and Africans of the Diaspora to travel, live and work in Ghana. The initiative brought 1.1 million visitors to Ghana in 2019.

In the midst of Ghana’s drive to bring the African Diaspora back to Africa, Ghanaian Kente cloth has itself become a symbol of Africa. The history of enslavement may give Africans of the Diaspora an sense of inner identity as kings, queens and royalty; hence the international popularity of Kente.

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