A Kente Cloth Education Workshop for East Farms Elementary School, Farmington, Connecticut

Once again Kwasi Asare is doing one of his favorite activities – doing hands-on workshops teaching children about Kente cloth and the history and culture of Kente weaving! On Thursday, May 25th, 2023 at 9 am at East Farms Elementary School in Farmington, Connecticut, Kwasi will bring his small looms into the classroom and teach 4th graders how to make their own Kente cloth creations.

For this particular workshop, Kwasi will be doing 4 one-hour sessions with 4th graders; the whole Kente weaving workshop experience should be finished by 2:30 pm (including lunch).

Kente weaving workshops are fun, joyful and practical way to teach children about Kente weaving while also allowing them to experience their own creativity. Children love Kwasi’s presentations and working with the small loom; they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by creating their own unique Kente cloth bookmark. These kind of workshops are also great for teachers as they allow teachers to engage with their students outside of the regular classroom routine and format. Teachers themselves also become students as they learn to work with Kwasi’s special small loom. The workshop is fun for EVERYONE!

Kwasi’s Kente Educational Workshops are a big success as kids of all ages – elementary, middle school and high school students – enjoy working with their hands and learning about the history and culture of Kente. Kwai’s hands-on workshops help participants to get away from our societal obsession with cellphones, tablets and computers and develop a Zen-like meditative state involving a beautiful left brain/right brain, hand-eye coordination. Kwasi’s Kente Educational Workshops are a one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE, which is like a “breath of fresh air” for both students and teachers alike!

Throughout the year, Kwasi is available to do in class as well as weekend workshops for schools, churchs and community organizations. Contact Kwasi on his cellphone at (202) 569-5153 or email him at kwasister@gmail.com and he can help you design a Kente workshop to meet the needs of your students and community!

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