Exploring Kente Weaving, History and Culture for Black History Month 2023

Once again, Black History Month is here and this is a great time for schools, churches and community organizations to explore the history, beauty and artistry of Kente cloth! As always, Kente master weaver Kwasi Asare is available for both online and live workshops and presentations on Kente during Black History Month. Kwasi’s live workshops on Kente weaving are especially popular among schools as students enjoy opportunities to learn about Kente and to try their hand at actually weaving their own Kente cloth creations. Working with Kwasi’s specially designed small loom provides everyone with a wonderful break from our constant modern day attachment to computers and cell phone screens. It helps to shift the energy in the school and in the classroom; Kente weaving stimulates interaction between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain as students use their creativity to develop their own Kente designs. It helps people to slow down into a new mind-body, hand-eye meditative focus. Kwasi’s small loom Kente workshop has also been very successful with church groups, as anyone from 8 to 80 years old can become deeply engaged in learning how to weave.

In addition to the live workshops, Kwasi also has a special online virtual presentation in which he uses photos and video to explain the history, origin and modern expressions of Kente cloth and its culture. When feasible and appropriate, Kwasi can do live demonstrations with his large, traditional Kente loom, which is quite a site to behold! During his live demonstrations Kwasi also brings a wonderful display of magnificent, authentic hand-woven Kente cloths, which everyone can peruse and buy.

If you are looking for interesting educational and cultural experiences and learning opportunities for Black History Month, please reach out and contact us! You can call Kwasi directly on his cell phone at: (202) 569-5153, or you can email him at kwasister@gmail.com. Kwasi would like as many people as possible – of all ages and backgrounds – to experience the joy of creating their own Kente cloth and learn about its history. Kwasi’s workshops are always friendly, inspiring and uplifting – so please don’t hesitate to contact Kwasi to discuss how we can organize a special educational event that is perfect for your school, church or community group!

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