Moving into the Holiday Season

Hello Friends – We’d like to wish you a happy December as the holiday season is upon us!!!

This has been quite a long year for Kwasi, and hence you haven’t heard from him for a while. Kwasi has taken a new job teaching and has been doing some part time work in Washington, D.C. But in the meantime it has meant that Kwasi has had to move from Virginia into DC and he has been living in a temporary rental as he searches for a more permanent home. Various schools are also eager to work with Kwasi on educational projects relating to Kente cloth weaving. In the meantime Kwasi has been adjusting to his new workload while also adapting to city life in the nation’s Capitol.

During this holiday season, Kwasi Asare’s Kente weaving course and his specially designed small loom are fantastic Christmas or Kwanzaa gifts! Kente weaving is a beautiful craft and a wonderful way to express your creativity. Kente weaving also helps one to develop a quiet, peaceful Zen-like state of meditation where we can step away from computer screens and iPhones and disengage from the stress and anxiety of our work life.

Also, Kwasi’s authentic hand-woven Kente cloths and bow ties are wonderful Christmas or Kwanzaa gifts as well! When you offer Kente cloth as a gift, you are giving not only a beautiful decorative blanket you are giving a gift of African culture, tradition and heritage. A Kente cloth is a symbol of the idea that Africa is beautiful and every African man or woman is an inner King or an inner Queen. Check Kwasi’s online store for prices, designs and selections. Also don’t hesitate to call Kwasi directly at (202) 569-5153 to ask questions or to learn more about Kwasi’s Kente products!

May you fully enjoy the beauty of the Winter Solstice and this holiday season – may we all achieve our goals and reach our aspirations in 2023!

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