A New Distribution System for Kwasi’s Asare’s online Kente weaving Course

Hello Friends – after much thought and deliberation, Kwasi has come up with a solution for the next phase of his digital Kente weaving course. As many of you know, Kwasi created the world’s first online Kente weaving during the 2020 pandemic, when so many of us were quarantined at home. Kwasi’s course was presented through CourseCraft during the spring of 2021, but unfortunately, CourseCraft was under financial strain and closed its doors in early April of this year (2022).

At first, Kwasi considered the possibility of hosting his course on another platform, but they seemed to be too expensive. Livestreaming from this website with a password login was also considered, but this can create technical and cost problems with extra bandwidth. Finally Kwasi has opted for a simple and eloquent practical that allows us to our costs down for our customers. If you would like to purchase the course, Kwasi will mail you the video materials for the course via a DVD which you can use on your home computer or DVD player.

If you are interested in taking Kwasi’s online course or you have already purchased the online CourseCraft class, email Kwasi at kwasister@gmail.com or call him at (202) 569-5153 and give him your home mailing address. Kwasi will then mail you the DVD series. If you buy Kwasi’s course online, please remember to input your mailing address in the notes to seller section on your PayPal payment page or contact Kwasi via email at kwasister@gmail.com or call him at (202) 569-5153. If Kwasi receives a PayPal order for the Kente weaving course, without a mailing address, he will reach out to contact the purchaser to ask for his or her address.

Thank you for your patience with our new delivery method. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Kwasi for help or clarification.

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