Kwasi Asare is offering a special Kwanzaa holiday discount for his online Kente weaving course!

Hello Friends – we hope you are having a wonderful Kwanzaa holiday celebration; may you and your family enjoy a time a rest and reflection between Christmas and the beginning of the 2022 New Year!

As you know, our national economy has been shifting and changing dramatically due to various supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; consequently Kwasi Asare unfortunately has to announce a price increase for Kwasi’s online Kente weaving course in the coming New Year. As lumber prices have increased, the cost for Kwasi’s specially-designed small loom is going up $30 in 2022, from the current price of $50 to $80. So with $25 for the online materials, the total cost for the course will go from $75 to $105.

However, we still have some small looms in stock so we encourage our readers to buy the course and the small loom at the current $75 discounted price until January 7th, when our new price change officially kicks in. As you know, Kwasi’s Kente online course is a great gift for loved ones, families and children. It is a wonderful creative outlet and a constructive pastime during this pandemic when many of us are necessarily spending more time at home and indoors. 

Do yourself and you family and loved ones a favor – now is a great time to save money and beat the price increase coming in 2022! 

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