Laolu Senbanjo’s high energy collaboration with Queen Beyonce in “Lemonade”

Laolu Senbanjo is capturing center stage these days, including a high profile collaboration of his unmistakable body painting style with Beyonce, on her upcoming HBO premier of Lemonade. Senbanjo describes his body painting is part of the sacred art of the Ori; it binds both himself as an artist and the subjects of canvas.

“In my language, Yoruba “Ori” literally means your essence, your soul, your destiny and also comes with a mantra. When I work with a muse, the muse, their Ori, and I become one. My Art form is physically drawing what’s on the inside, what’s in your soul, and your essence and being;  on your canvas which is the skin.  It’s the deepest most spiritual experience I’ve ever had with my Art as an artist. It’s amazing and energizing. The connection is phenomenal,” writes Senbanjo, on his web site.

“It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both,” says Senbanjo, on his blog.

Laolu came from a middle class family in Nigeria and graduated from law school and even became a lawyer before he did his first art exhibit in Germany.  When he had only pennies to his name and he first began his journey as an artist, “that’s the time I felt the most alive in my life,” Senbanjo says.

Check out Senbanjo’s art in Beyonce’s video teaser for Lemonade. It’s easy to see why Queen Bey sought out this dynamic Africa for his artistic vision…

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