Ghana entrepreneur creates eco-friendly bamboo bikes

Africans have always had tremendous drive for innovation.

In a continent that is rich with natural resources – but is often low on Western technology and investment – Africans can be remarkably resourceful and creative in devising their own solutions and implementing ingenious ideas.

In Ghana, Berniece Dapaah has created an eco-friendly bicycle made from bamboo – and her new bicycles are inspiring people all over the world. Her bamboo bikes are as strong as steel-framed bikes and are produced in adult, youth and child sizes. Her Bamboo for Bikes company employs 35 people (24 builders and 11 farmers) and she also donates bicycles for children in rural communities who have to walk long distances to school.

Dapaah was honored by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as one of 300 Global Leader under 40 who are shaping the future, and she has been training entrepreneurs from around world in her techniques of bike manufacturing with bamboo.  The Ghanaian government has also assisted her in opening two manufacturing facilities in Introsotroso an Arisipa – and both plants will be hiring local workers.  Economic and environmental sustainability are central to Bernice Dapaah’s vision; for each bamboo tree that is used, 10 new ones are planted.




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